Your digital meter

As a participant in the program, you are eligible for a new digital meter installed at your home, whether you rent or own.

Free installation and no extra costs

There is no upfront cost for installation and there are no additional meter charges over and above Ergon Energy Retail’s published meter charges for all customers.

Digital meters have a number of advantages*, including:

They can be read remotely, meaning there’s no need to unlock gates or lock up dogs for meter reads.

They are read daily, so you will be able to get access to up-to-date and detailed electricity usage data through the HomeSmart Savvy portal.

More frequent reads mean you can enjoy monthly e-billing, helping make budgeting easier.

You can set budgets and get alerts when you are predicted to go over your targets, giving you the power to reduce your usage before the bill arrives.

Your meter installation

Once you’ve joined the program, your meter installation work will automatically be scheduled by Ergon Energy Retail and you will receive a “Planned Interruption Notice” in the mail showing the approximate window in which your meter will be installed.

You will need to make sure your meter is accessible on these days. There is a maximum power interruption time of four hours. Most homes have a suitable meter box and switchboard set up for a digital meter upgrade. However, if your meter box and switchboard are not suitable, we’ll let you know.

After your digital meter is installed, you will be sent an email which will give you the details to register for HomeSmart Savvy.

*3G/4G mobile network coverage is required at your home to access most of these benefits.

A digital meter box