HomeSmart Savvy

HomeSmartSavvy is an easy-to-use online system that’s designed to help you stay in control of your energy budget. You can do it all from your PC, phone or tablet.

HomeSmart Savvy lets you:

View how much electricity you’ve been using in your household in much greater detail and over different periods of time.

Set a budget and receive alerts if you’re likely to exceed it during the month, keeping you in control before the bill arrives.

Access your information at any time, anywhere using your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Receive detailed monthly usage reports.

It’s free and easy to setup

Energy Savvy Families participants can use HomeSmart Savvy for free. You’ll simply need a computer, tablet or smartphone and access to the internet.

Once your digital meter has been installed, you will receive an email giving you the details to register for HomeSmart Savvy.

Once you’ve registered, you will be able to update your settings, set your household budget and set up alerts and reports.

Woman on laptop using HomeSmart Savvy website