As you complete each stage of the program, you can earn some great Energy Savvy Family rewards.

How to earn rewards

There are a few simple steps and actions you can do, such as playing the Reduce Your Juice games for a designated amount of time, doing some energy quests or completing some short surveys within the timeframe.

We will let you know via email exactly what you need to do to increase your chance of winning a reward.

For your chance to win the major reward at the end, one of 10 $1,500 energy efficient appliance vouchers, you’ll need to play the three Reduce Your Juice games for a minimum of 10 minutes each and take part in some short online surveys.

Prizes include:
  • 10 X $1,500 energy efficient appliances – winners chosen from those who complete the full program.
  • 5 X prizes valued at $500 – winners chosen from those who achieve their “Energy Pledge” target after six months based on their meter data.
  • 2000 energy efficient power boards.
  • 300-plus $35-$40 energy efficient devices.