Merilyn became a Reduce Your Juice top scorer, earning her some great rewards

Tell us a bit about yourself and your household. How were you managing with your power bills before you started the program?

I am an aged pensioner and I have a 14 year old little dog who has heart problems. I live in an over 50s village in my own little home. My power bills have been very expensive and I have had to ask for extensions all the time as it is hard on one pension. 

What are the top things you learned from doing the Energy Savvy Families program?

I have learnt to turn all my appliances off at the wall when not in use, open my windows and use the fan instead of the air conditioner. I also use only cold water to wash my clothes. 

You won some great prizes as a top scorer in the Reduce Your Juice games. How useful did you find the games in learning tips to reduce your electricity use?

I loved the prizes I won, I have shared some with my daughter. I use the power board for my TV and Wi-Fi, so I only need to turn one switch off at night. The phone charger has come in handy.

As part of the program, you were very engaged with our Facebook page. Did you find it helpful to interact with others who were part of the program?

Yes, it has been helpful.

Did you have a smart meter installed? If so, how did you find the online tool (HomeSmart Savvy) to monitor your electricity use?

I have only had my smart meter for about 2 weeks now, so I have just started using the online tool. It was a little hard to get started, but I have worked it out now. It is great to see when my usage is high, that would be when I turn my very old air conditioner on.

In terms of savings, how much money have you been saving on your bill since you started the program?

As I haven’t had my first bill yet it is really hard to say, but hopefully it will improve over time as I get used to doing to things. I am learning along the way.

Would you recommend the Energy Savvy Families program to others?

Yes, I would and I have.

Is there anything else you want to add about your experience with the program?

So far I’m very happy with my experience, I love playing the Reduce Your Juice game.

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