Samantha Hume’s family saved $100+ per month

Tell us a bit about yourself and your household. How were you managing with your power bills before you started the program?

Before starting the program we had to get extensions every single month to try to make sure our power stayed connected. I struggled to get my family to turn off lights and items they weren’t using as they just didn’t see why it was necessary, it was a frustrating time! 

What are the top things you learned from doing the Energy Savvy Families program?

That games can make anything fun (even learning to save electricity!).

We also learned that family time is important. Taking the time to explain WHY these things were important to our family and allowing them to ask questions was a little bit of bonus bonding time that we didn’t quite expect.

Did your family get involved in the program? If so, how did you get them interested?

Yes, we came up with ideas together on how to save power. We tried to use scientific methods wherever possible and stick with one thing at a time so we could see the exact effect that one thing had on our power bill. Then, in the end, we decided to combine the most effective things to help reduce our power bill as much as possible on an ongoing basis. 

You won some great prizes as a top scorer in the Reduce Your Juice games – including the major reward (a $1,500 energy efficient appliance voucher)! How useful did you find the games in learning tips to reduce your electricity use?

We found them extremely useful and they helped give us great starting points on research projects to complete with our kids so they could understand the ins and outs of electricity, it was a terrific learning experience for adults and kids alike to be honest. 

Did you have a smart meter installed? If so, how did you find the online tool (HomeSmart Savvy) to monitor your electricity use?

Yes we did and we enjoy seeing up to the moment electricity use and also not having to worry about our dog escaping when it’s time to check the power!

In terms of savings, how much money have you been saving on your bill since you started the program?

I’d say around $100 plus per month.

Now that you have finished the program, do you feel well equipped to keep your electricity bills down over the long term?

I think once we get our initial three-month bill paid down to $0 it’ll be much easier to pay the rest each month.  

Would you recommend the Energy Savvy Families program to others?

We already have recommended it to several others in fact! It’s a great program with fantastic rewards, I wish we could do it again! 

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