Read what Energy Savvy Families participants have to say about the program.

“I’m a single mother of two children. My bills used to be quite high, as I had a dryer and other appliances that contributed to my bill.

I joined the Energy Savvy Families program to become more energy efficient and to learn how to reduce my bills. My son really liked the Reduce Your Juice games which he could play on my phone, and I really enjoyed the switch to monthly billing!

I actually got rid of my dryer and now hang my clothes outside. I have chosen not to have air conditioning and we only use fans and blankets for cold weather.”

– Jessica Merrin


“Our household has two adults and a toddler, and before we started the Energy Savvy Families program, we were using more electricity than we needed too.

I signed up to reduce our electricity usage and save money. I learned that it doesn’t take much to change our habits. Our family now turn off power points when they are not in use and take shorter showers. I have definitely shifted my behavior and become more conscious of my electricity use.

Since completing the program, we have more than halved our electricity bill. The program is a great idea and everyone would benefit from it!”

– Katrina Merrin (Katrina took an energy pledge and reduced her electricity use by 63% in six months!)


“The Reduce Your Juice games helped me to understand how much power I actually use. Monthly billing has been a great help.

I have found that not using the dryer at all has helped a lot. My monthly power bills are much easier to pay.”

– Alison Rice


“We are a couple with one child, aged 1. Our life is hectic and I’m always using the vacuum and steam mop, as well and running baths and using the washing machine, air conditioners and dishwasher! Our quarterly bills were well over $800, which caused a lot of stress to determine how we would pay for it! It was constantly on my mind how much the next bill would be. I rely on everything I use, especially for my son.

I signed up to Energy Savvy Families as I was behind on my electricity payments and I needed help.

Taking part in the program, I learned when to use each appliance and to turn appliances off at the wall. The monthly billing was definitely the most useful part of the program.

I saw a massive difference in my bills. Since completing the program, I’m more confident I can keep costs down.”

– Melinda Wilson


“I’m a mother of 4 children. We didn’t realise how much electricity we were using until the bill arrived.

The standout benefit from Energy Savvy Families was the change in my children’s electricity usage. My children played the Reduce Your Juice games and learnt how to save power.

The most useful feature for me was HomeSmart Savvy, because I was able to see my daily usage and adjust where I needed. I also enjoyed receiving rewards just for playing games!”

– Dawn Clarke


“I live with my two adult children. As you can imagine, both kids have televisions with gaming consoles and leave the ceiling fans on.

The Energy Savvy Families team taught us that you can reduce your electricity consumption just by doing little things and making small changes. They helped with lots of great suggestions like turning appliances off at the switch when leaving the room, turning the lights and fans off, and using the aircon at a higher temperature during summer.

We are now very conscientious about our electricity consumption and use, and we are using the tips we learned in our everyday routine.

It was an excellent program, we learnt and saved a lot!”

– Carolyn Ryan


“I’m a single mum with a 10-year-old daughter. Before this amazing program my bills were really high and I was only just making the payments, but in doing so we had to go without doing fun family activities.

The cheaper monthly bills are what really interested me with this program. It has been so much easier to keep up with my bills as they are much more manageable. I have seen massive savings on my bill, and it’s so much easier to keep track of it with HomeSmart Savvy.

Learning to turn off unused power points has been the biggest help to me, and my daughter now turns off the light in her room when she’s not in there.”

– Shannon Mulder (Shannon took an energy pledge and reduced her electricity use by 40% in six months!)


“I live with a partner and two kids. Before starting the Energy Savvy Families program, we were using aircons all the time and running the dishwasher frequently. I signed up to the program to learn ways to keep my bill under control. My kids loved the games and I’ve seen big savings on my bill. I’m a lot more aware now about my power usage.”

– Lauren Dillon


“We are a couple and have my stepdaughter with us some weekends. Aircon use is our biggest energy drain in the summertime, and I used to stress about how much the bill would be. Now that we have changed to monthly billing, it’s a lot easier to manage. I have a set amount that comes out of my account every 2 weeks. I now open up the house in the morning to do the cleaning and only turn the aircon on in the afternoon instead of letting it run all day long. My husband is slowly learning not to leave doors or windows open when the aircon is on, and to turn lights off.”

– Nola Suffield


I have a medical problem and have been trying to catch up on my overdue debt. I now switch all appliances off at the wall when they’re not in use, and when I use the aircon I keep it at 24 degrees. By going through the program, I learnt that it pays to listen on how to save. I read all the information and followed the energy saving tips. A stand-out benefit is that my kids are now aware of their aircon usage. I would recommend the program 100 percent.

– Nicola Tackney

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